There is an outdated approach to “travel” that is rushed and hurried, treated as more of a scavenger hunt for museums and monuments than as a way to experience new cultures.

Conscious City Guides was created in an effort to highlight a more mindful way of traveling.

It’s amazing that so many people want to see the world. New technology, a shift in values, and companies like AirBnB have made traveling so much more accessible. And yet I believe it is something that can, and should, be done in a conscious manner. Supporting local store-owners, restaurants, and cafes who care about minimizing their impact on the environment. Continuing self-growth and development across the expanse of the earth, through things like yoga, spirituality, cooking, getting out in nature, and talking with locals.

I like to compare “fast travel” to fast food and fast fashion. It leaves you feeling grossly full one minute, then quickly hungry for something more. It is superficial and its appeal wears off quickly. If we want to internalize our experiences and really grow from them, we need to slow down.

My hope is to help direct you to places and experiences that are sustainably-minded and help facilitate self-growth and self-discovery. To encourage you to tread lightly, to travel slower.


Nichole Dunst, Founder


Nichole Dunst

As a flight attendant, Conscious City Guides Founder Nichole Dunst has had the opportunity to travel the world and spend time in many major cities. She is dedicated to connecting conscious travelers with ethically-driven businesses around the world. Conscious City Guides encourages people to take a slower and more conscious approach to travel, to support businesses that are committed to doing good, and to leave places better than they found them. 

For collaborations, or simply to say hey!, feel free to reach out at hello@consciouscityguides.com

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