The Conscious Guide: Paris

There are twenty arrondissements* or districts in central Paris that spiral out like the shell of a snail; each neighborhood unfurls clockwise on a map, revealing all the beauty that makes this city worthy of being one of the top three most visited cities in the world year after year. In the first arrondissement, you will find the magnificent Louvre Museum and the sprawling Tuileries Garden, the seventh holds the celebrated Eiffel Tower, and the tenth shimmers with the Canal Saint Martin winding lazily through the streets of this historic quarter. Every district truly has a unique personality and energy, and each district is just as engaging and vibrant as the next. Hop on the Metro, the public transportation system (check for hours of operation) or rent a Vélib’ bike (available 24/7) and you’re on your way!

You will find lively cafés and restaurants, vintage boutiques and local art galleries, world-renowned museums and awe-inspiring architecture, and of course plant-powered cafés serving up some of the finest farm-to-table cuisine. All eateries listed on this guide are 100% vegan and all use organic, local and seasonal produce to create their handmade, original fare. Bon appetit!

*Tip for travelers: the last two digits of the zip code of a Paris address tell you which arrondissement you’ll be heading to!


Coffee & Tea



This relaxed coffee, tea and pastry shop is the place for a warm breakfast and a cloudlike croissant that will melt in  your mouth: soft, spongy pancakes with chocolate sauce, maple syrup and fresh strawberries are on the menu. Offerings also include robust salads, satisfying sandwiches and soups with layers of flavors along with myriad mouthwatering baked goods. 75002


Every city should have an oatmeal bar just like this one. Cool, minimalist interior design meets beautifully complex bowls of sweet or savory oatmeal bowls. Nourishing juices and smoothies change weekly. 75005


A petite patisserie offering a vast selection of handcrafted cookies and cupcakes, decadent cheesecakes and rich, chocolatey confections. Pack your sense of humor, as each pastry and sweet treat has been christened with a fun, quirky name like James Brownie, Red Astaire and John Lemon. Menu offerings include a satiating selection of soups, sandwiches and quiches.  75005



VG offers a bright, convivial atmosphere where you’ll find classics like rainbow-hued macaroons and flaky croissants, citrusy fruit tarts and creamy eclairs. Jars of cookies are there to tempt even the strongest of wills. This is the grown-up version of being a kid in a candy store. 75011


Juices, Snacks & Smoothies



This pint-sized juice bar wears a bold coat of yellow paint on the outside; on the inside, visitors expect creative and virtuous mixtures of all the colors of nature in distinctive juices and smoothies. Infinite combinations are available here for all fruit and veggie lovers. If your mind can think it, you can drink it. 75020


Here you’ll find an extensive juice and smoothie menu and a gluten-free, veg panini that will send you to the moon. If you’re on the go, be sure to pick up any one of their various heart-healthy snacks including homemade baked kale chips, dark chocolate bars or nut and seed mixes. 75003


Vitamins, minerals and protein-rich ingredients are packed into Nubio’s portable potion bottles. Keep your immune system strong with imaginative combinations of wholesome fruits, veggies and herbs: liquid energy for all the site seeing you desire in the City of Light. 75011


Where to Eat: Cafés & Restaurants



If you’re a dessert lover, don’t shy away from the commute into the fifteenth arrondissement, because all of your dessert dreams will come true here: banana splits, bread pudding, merengue pies, layered cakes of all flavors, and cookies too. The food alone is worth the trip, but the sweet confections are the cherry on top. 75015



Choose from hardy staples like indulgent lasagna, hearty chilly or juicy veg burgers. Fresh desserts include apple and rhubarb crumble, cheesecake and chocolate mousse. Energy-boosting juices are served up including an animating apple, carrot, orange + ginger concoction that will put a little pep in your step.  75020



This quaint, little cafe with a bright sea-green facade is located a stone’s throw from Place de Bastille. Menu offerings include veggie quiches, rice plates and seasonal produce in full-bodied salads. Desserts include glulten-free brownies and chia pudding. Juice up if you still have room for their invigorating concoctions. 75004



For the best the best cheesecake in Paris, find your way to this sunny café and juice bar nestled into the Bastille area, perfect for lounging, lunching or working. Everything on the menu is vegan and gluten-free. Try their hummus or avocado toast or enjoy their rice + veggie Buddha bowl served with warm chili. Be sure to try their velvety, spirited passion fruit, mango and cocoa cheesecake. 75012


The Gentle Gourmet is a fine dining restaurant and bar with a sleek interior décor overlooking the Port de L’arsenal and the Seine River. “Edible gems” on the menu include a vegan version of the classic French blanquette, an oven-roasted portabella burger and traditional desserts including apple confit, macaroons and mascarpone.  A great place for date nights or meetups with friends. 75012



A rustic, sun-lit cafe, hanks (Have a Nice Karma) is the perfect casual milieu to lunch or dine. A small menu of four tasty burgers and tasty desserts draw in the crowds day and night. Now you can have Hank Pizza at their sister café with gluten-free options available in the same neck of the woods.  Throngs of hungry hearts line up to satiate their cravings for these delicious plant-based recipes. 75003



This charming venue is located in the Marais, and the menu includes scrumptious burgers served with fries, a rich risotto served with grilled veggies or their bowl of hope made with millet, sweet potatoes, avocado slices and every delicious and highly nutritious ingredient you can pack into a vessel. Desserts include piping hot chocolate cake with raspberry sauce and carrot cake. 75003


Expect a hip café and tapas bar near the lush Buttes Chaumont Park. Servings are perfect for solo visitors or gaggles of friends who want to try and share dishes. The eggplant lasagna, crispy falafels and fries are all tasty; save room for the delectable cheese plate of “vromage”. Homemade, healthy and organic goodness is served up warm here from early morning to late night. Live jazz music is also served up on Thursday nights. 75019



An explosion of 80’s paraphernalia peppers the interior of this sassy café. Step into a time warp as you enter into a world of pink and purple: where Michael Jackson reigns and Prince looks up at you from lovingly collaged, hand-lacquered tables. Expect good music, lots of comfort food and perfectly seasoned soups, fresh smoothies and sweet milkshakes. 75017



Floor to ceiling windows and a cascading garden wall make for a cheerful and sun-drenched milieu. The veggie and avocado burgers with hand-cut fries provide the perfect fuel for your Paris explorations. The cinnamon rolls with are a must-try. The juices are perfectly refreshing and definitely balancing. 75013



Opt for a joyful alternative to conventional food choices and modern-day modes of consumption via this warm, tranquil milieu with communal seating and comfy wooden barrels masquerading as stools. The bright teal exterior mirrors the vivid hues of the dishes they are serving up. Menu offerings include exquisite soups and salads with seasoned veggies full of color. 75010



From humble beginnings as the little bike that could, this café started out as a delivery service sans brick and mortar. Today you’ll find a fun venue full of lively music and great comfort food. Plenty of hot dogs on the menu and singular juices you don’t want to miss. 75010


Sustainable Shopping: Vintage & Thrift Boutiques



Buy, trade or sell at Chine Machine. Their clever motto is “We’re cheap, so you don’t have to be.” Expect a rad selection, a line for the fitting rooms, and crowded quarters on top + bottom floors (because they know where to find the good stuff in Paris).  75010 & 75018



The owners of pretty box (a swanky, by-appointment-only vintage boutique that opened in 2002) have now brought us vintage system. Expect a quaint atmosphere + unique items scoured from far ends of the earth. 75003



No matter how far you travel, I don’t think you’ll find a better selection that this. Expect ample room to stretch out, a well-organized selection of every possible style of clothing you can imagine, arranged by color, style + season, and no waiting in lines for the dressing rooms. This is a place you’ll score at. Every. Single Time. 75001 & 75004



Choose, weigh, take away. Verrerie Street locale: someone with a passion for organizing is in charge over yonder because this is one mighty tidy shop. mix of new labels + vintage labels. Big space, big selection: beautifully + systematically organized (with super signage). Saint Germaine locale requires imagination: put your latent anthropology skills to work by digging for a would-be treasure; don’t expect fancy digs there. Ready, set, thrift. 75004, 75005 & 75006



Staff is fantastique here: they are multilingual, multitaskers + multifriendly (btw that’s not a real word). Verrerie Street locale is jam-packed with great vintage finds + eager vintage hunters on the prowl in this slender space, and they mean business. Be strong, the selection is worth it. Itsy bitsy upstairs space hold more bins with more treasures. Keep your eye out for the bin at the front of the shop filled only with $1 finds. Only the brave may approach this highly-trafficked area. 75004



Cool kids count on this shop for their vintage denim and old-school Breton stripes. Something old, something new. This sizable space mixes threads from new designers with vintage treasures. 75002


This Dutch vintage apparel chain has finally landed in Paris. the folks at episode want you “Be responsible and get used.”  I suppose we can acquiesce. 75002



These vintage menageries have it all. If you’re a lover of rummage sales + antiques, these teeming flea markets are worth the trip. Clothes, shoes, books, toys, furniture: everything vintage under the sun in one place and on many dates. check schedule + locations for some of that antique lovin’. location varies


Sustainable Fashion: Vegan Concept Shops



The duo behind this all-vegan concept shop describe their animal-friendly establishment as a place for information and inspiration. Earth-friendly fashion, home goods and so much more inside this beautiful, minimalist space. The very first boutique in Paris to include all fair-trade and locally sourced apparel, shoes, accessories, bath and beauty products as well as a little onsite vegan cafe. You will be both inspired and perhaps moved to action as well.  75011


Responsible fashion is at your fingertips in the heart of Paris, with another shop dedicated to bringing clients the best of environmentally sound fashion, boasting organic textiles and ethical manufacturing. 75011


And one fabulous grocery store.


Sightseeing is exhilarating, and it can also be exhausting. From cheese to chocolate, this is where you come to stock up on all the ingredients you need to cook up a vegan storm at home or to piece together the perfect picnic for a leisurely day at the park. All the tasty, plant-based groceries you can fathom in one convenient location.  Small range of cruelty-free bath and beauty products available. 75003


Natural Wonders: Parks & Gardens


Every slow living and mindful traveler should know about these parks, beautifully manicured and centuries old, they are the perfect places to come for a little peace of mind, a little reading or just a bit of time in a green environ that’s regenerating and breathtaking to behold.



A vast 17th century garden with the infamous and surprisingly comfortable green Senat chairs created in 1923. Locals come here to lunch, for a jog and to take advantage of the large tennis courts. 75006


Located near the Louvre Museum, this lush, verdant marvel was created in 1564 and draws people from across the globe to admire the display of flowers, fountains and outdoor artwork. 75001


This is the perfect place to come for picnics solo or with friends. Lots of cozy nooks under trees to plant yourself for a day of reading or people watching. 75019


A secret world awaits on the eastern edge of the city. This park, the largest in the city, is a Garden of Eden with its jewel-toned, free-roaming peacocks and myriad species of trees, flora and fauna. 75012


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